Friday, February 3, 2012

A huge thank you

It has been a very exciting week. As most of you know, Cursed Presence was released on Tuesday, January 31st. Please help spread the word. The book had a great first day push and I have received a lot of wonderful comments. Thank you to everyone. I'm curious what you think of the spiritual content of the book. Do you like the inspirational content or do you find it a turn off? I understand that everyone is different and whether you like it or not, I would love your feedback. This goes for either Cursed Blessing or Cursed Presence. If you respond and let me know your thoughts, I'll randomly draw two names and send the winners a signed copy of both novels. Please include your e-mail address so I can  contact you and get some information if you win. Please sendyour comments to
Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 11th, and for the next three Saturdays.

Now for a totally different subject. This Sunday is the Super Bowl. Having  grown up in Boston, I admit to being a big New England fan. Being a Patriots fan can be very polarizing. People seem to either love them or hate them. The same goes for the Giants. I don't know if it's the personnel or the areas they represent, but either way it makes for a fun rivalry and hopefully a great game. So whether you are a New England or a New York fan, forget the diet for the day and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

Until next week,
J. M.

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