Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The International Thriller Writers wrote a review of my latest book, "Cornerstone" in the June edition of The Big Thrill, the ITWs online magazine. The reviewer brought up some interesting points and I thought I would ask your opinion.

Derek Gunn states that sub-genres; such as, Christian thriller tend to pigeon-hole the author and may weed out potential readers who just might love the book. Is he correct in his view? Idealistically speaking . . . yes. Practically speaking . . . I don't know.

Here is my dilemma with placing my books in the right category. My first series (the Trilogy of the Chosen and Cornerstone, the continuation of the Phantom Squad Series) has a spiritual or Christian backbone running through it. Do I as the writer have a responsibility to let potential readers know that this exists or should I be vague and let the unexpected purchase the books? There are two possible scenarios. First, the reader may be pleasantly surprised at the references and it may add to their enthusiasm for the book. Second, the reader will be put off by the references and may never want to pick up another book written by me again.

I have been given conflicting advice from many industry insiders. Some say that for an author to compete with the biggest names, they must use sub-genres to get noticed. It helps the reader find you among the thousands of books being released. The other side, much like this reviewer, states that it cuts off a potential audience from reading a great book. I feel as if I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. Mr. Gunn makes a great point in that if my books are to be labeled Christian than shouldn't Dan Brown's be also. Hmm?

Here is the link to the review. Read it and tell me what you think.


Once you go to the site, click on Cornerstone for the review.

I look forwards to your comments.

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  1. So, personally I would not have read any of these books because of the Christian thriller label but because you are a friend I had decided to give it a try and I am really glad I did. The plot line just pulls you in and the characters become family.

    Yes, there is a Christian theme to the story but there is also so much more than that and it would be a pity if people missed out on that just because of a label.