Sunday, September 4, 2011

After Every Storm a Fresh Wind Blows

Life is a never ending series of storms. Like bad weather, we muddle through the storm or suck it up and fight. Although it's hard to believe when we're in the midst, there is always a calm, fresh breeze on the other side.
We all fight through the typical storms of financial worry and trying to balance the different aspects of our lives; work, home and relationships, but there are times when other storms blow in. So it has been in my life for the past year. I have been fighting a congenital, physical demon that has plagued me since I was a child. Since it is progressive, there is no winning, just the struggle of coming to grips with it. I can now feel the warm breeze of acceptance.
I have also fought the storm of career change. I birthed a Chiropractic practice twenty-seven years ago and had to fight through the reality that it was time to let go. The warm breeze of teaching blew into my life and I am very grateful.
Finally, thee was the storm of writing. My first novel was originally published in the spring of Two Thousand and Ten. It had great reviews, but little distribution and even less marketing. Recently, the warm wind of a new and exciting publisher, Suspense Publishing, blew my way. I have never been more excited about a new beginning and the prospects of a great future. "Cursed Blessing" has been reedited and was re-released on August Twenty-ninth, Two Thousand and Eleven with a great new look. You'll find it in all e-book formats and at the low price of $1.99. I welcome you to take a look on Amazon, or Smashwords or any other e-book seller. If you like what you see, download it and give it a read. I invite your comments and reviews, whether they be a storm or a warm breeze. If you like it, you won't have to wait long for the sequel. "Cursed Presence" is scheduled to be released three months from now.
You may be asking, why e-book? Simple. It is the present and future of publishing. Although, I do not think print books will ever go away, the reality is e-books are growing and will be the primary format before long.
I hope you all have a warm, calm, tropical wind at your back. If not, know that the storm will pass and the calm breeze is yet to come.
Until next week
J. M.

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