Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Beginnings, Great Endings, and What Comes In Between

     As some of you may know, I am a professor at a nursing school as well as being a full time writer. This past week a new class entered the school and one graduated.
It is always exciting to see new students arrive. They show up full of positive emotions and excitement. They haven't yet been throttled by the immense amount of work that they will putting forth. They see the eventual outcome through rose colored glasses...and this is good! It's great to see people who are only able to see the adventure and hold their desires close to their heart.
     It's even more exciting to see a class graduate. I have watched them go through the process of working toward their degree and even more importantly, their nursing license. The look on the faces of those who have been through the battle, didn't give up, stayed true to themselves, and found victory in the end is a wonderful thing.
     This sounds a lot like the writing process. When the idea for a new plot line or new character is first established, writers become very excited. They see the beginning and they can envision the end and it all looks amazing. Putting the first words to paper and knowing they are good is thrilling, but soon comes the hard work. A writer must find a way to engage the reader in the first few sentences or most will look elsewhere. They must make the plot flow seamlessly and have the characters connect to the reader. Sometimes, on very special days, this can be endless, joyful bliss, but on most days the process is hard work.
     In the end, when you have a final manuscript that you are proud of, you find that all the emotional and physical toil was worthwhile.
     Both of these scenarios could relate to anybody starting out on a new adventure, whether it be a new career, home or relationship. As we all know, the beginning is always exciting and full of promise, but to get to the best part...the end, we must work hard and keep our vision on the reason we started it to begin with.
So when you wake up tomorrow, try and see it as a new adventure, one with the promise of new beginnings. With hard work it will bring the satisfaction of a great ending.
Until next week,
J. M.

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